Education and Information

Before you get into the game of racehorse ownership, learn more about becoming an owner in the industry and what you can expect. The Minnesota Racehorse Education Program (MnREP) is here to offer horse racing education and information. (You can always contact MnREP for more educational information.)

The Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association’s Ownerview program hosted a monthly virtual series throughout 2021 that is free to view on YouTube. We invite you to click on the image of the panel that interests you. Each session only lasts approximately an hour.

Ownerview Thoroughbred Ownership Conference Virtual Series 2021
Thoroughbred Owner Conference Panel 1
A panel that includes Thoroughbred racehorse owners, an attorney & a tax specialist discuss the economics of ownership now & in the future.
Panel 2 Finding Your Thoroughbred Athletes
The panel discusses purchasing or claiming your Thoroughbred racehorse, what to look for & what to expect.
Ownership Conference Partnerships
The third panel of the Ownership Conference provides insights on being involved in racing partnerships & the benefits of fractional ownership.
Ownership Conference Panel 4 - Claiming
Racehorse owners & trainers discuss the ins & outs of claiming horses from the track to fill your racing stable.
Panel 5 Ownership Conference
A panel of owners and trainers discusses what makes a successful owner/trainer partnership & offers advice to new & prospective owners.
TOBA Panel 6
Hall of Fame jockeys Donna Brothers, Chris McCarron & Gary Stevens, along with moderator Tom Durkin, discuss the life and career of a jockey in the sixth panel during the 2021 Ownership Series.

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